Bohemian-chic inspired décor style for 2016

Minimalism with a rustic twist is a trending style. Ranches, vineyards, and barns continue to be popular wedding venues in 2016. Rustic gets whimsical with wedding altars consisting of draped fabric, lanterns filled with rich blooms, and crystal chandeliers, all nestled within a sturdy branches. A clean, organic decor to capture effortless elegance. Neutrals and soft tones in floral and decor are common along with simple greenery, such as a garland with candles.

Expect to see more Off-the-shoulder or delicate lace dresses and hair loose waves. Floral is becoming increasingly wild with  unusual floral such as leaves, branches, and succulents. The overall style of a boho wedding is unconventional sophistication.image3

Photos from left to right: 1. Diana McGregor Photography 2. Lauren Fair Photography 3. The Nichols 4.


Photos from left to right: 1. 2. Whiskers and Willow Photography 3. Amalie Orrange Photography 4. Angie Silvy Photography

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